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February 2018: Quick Atom
Wrapper library for quickly generating Atom syndication feeds based on the Atom Syndication library.
February 2018: 'Leven' Blog Platform
Atom syndication support. Hugo-style metadata block.
November 2017: Rust Syndication Atom library
XHTML content type bugfix.
July 2017: Philips Hue library
Upgrade serde, error-chain and SSDP libraries.
March 2017: clap library
fix(help): don't show ARGS when there are only hidden positional args
January 2017: Iron Framework Vhosts library
Iron Framework 0.5 compatibility fixes.
December 2017: Philips Hue Library
Introduce Error-chain for error handling.

Ongoing development

Ongoing Rust diesel ORM experiment.
Hue Persistence
Program that monitors Philips Hue lights and automatically restores them to their previous setting when they are turned on again. Uses Futures for asynchronous IO.
madparts, the rust version
Work on a rust replacement for the original python tool.